Read Trust main motto is to provide Insurance coverage to its all registered members.

The Highlights of the plans are as under:-
1. Any one between the age group of 18 to 59 are eligible for coverage.

2. Age Proof: Member should submit any one of the following document to Read Trust office along with insurance proposal form for coverage:-
a) Ration Card
b) Extract from Birth Register
c) Extract from School Certificate
d) Voter’s List
e) Identity card issued by reputed employer/Government Department
f) Unique Identification Card (Aadhar Card)

3. Benefits:-
Upon death of a member, during the period of insurance cover the Sum Assured of Rs.30,000/- under assurance, then in force, shall become payable to the nominee.

The following benefits are provided to members in case of accident, during the period of insurance cover
a) On death, due to accident Rs.75,000/-
b) Permanent Total Disability, due to accident Rs.75,000/-
i. Loss of 2 eyes or 2 limbs  Rs.75,000/-
ii. Loss of one eye & one limb, in an accident Rs.37,500/-

iii) Scholarship benefits

Scholarship as a Free Add-on benefit will be provided to a maximum of two children of the beneficiary studying between 9th to 12th Standard @ Rs.100/= per month for each child payable half yearly – on 1st July and on 1st January, each year.


This Insurance coverage is must  for everyone, especially for people working in any one of the  following  UN-organised sector.

1 Beedi Workers 25 Food Stuffs like Khandsari / Sugar
2 Brick Kiln Workers 26 Textile
3 Carpenters 27 Manufacture of Wood Products
4 Cobblers 28 Manufacture of Paper Products
5 Fishermen 29 Manufacture of Leather Products
6 Hamals 30 Printing
7 Handicraft Artisans 31 Rubber & Coal Products
8 Handloom Weavers 32 Chemical Products like candle manufacture
9 Handloom & Khadi Weavers 33 Mineral products like earthen toys manufacture
10 Lady Tailors 34 Agriculturists
11 Leather & Tannery Workers 35 Transport Drivers Association
12 Papad Workers attached to ‘SEWA’ 36 Transport Karmacharis
13 Physically Handicapped Self Employed Persons 37 Rural Poor
14 Primary Milk Producers 38 Construction Workers
15 Rickshaw Pullers / Auto Drivers 39 Fire Crackers’ Workers
16 Safai Karamacharis 40 Coconut Processors
17 Salt Growers 41 Aanganwadi Teachers
18 Tendu Leaf Collectors 42 Kotwal
19 Scheme for the Urban Poor 43 Plantation Workers
20 Forest Workers 44 Women Associated with Self-Help Groups
21 Sericulture 45 Sheep Breeders
22 Toddy Tappers 46 Overseas Indian Workers
23 Powerloom Workers 47* Rural Landless Households
24 Hilly Area Women 48 Unorganized workers covered under RSBY

Claim Procedure :-

Insured persons family members can approach with policy document to Read Trust office for Assistance.